Contractor Labor Warranty

Contractors’ Preferred Protection Plan for ultimate peace of mind.

Your heating and air system is the most expensive appliance in your home to replace, but a new Frigidaire air conditioning system offers the benefit of better efficiency and comfort than older systems. With the appropriate annual maintenance, your new heating and air system can provide years of comfort and performance.

But as good as your new Frigidaire equipment is, problems can occur requiring service to the unit. With a Contractors’ Preferred Protection Plan from Frigidaire, you can protect yourself from unexpected, unbudgeted repair fees. While your Frigidaire equipment may feature a long parts warranty, it does not cover the cost of labor to service and replace a failed part. This is why we recommend a Contractors’ Preferred Protection Labor Plan, which helps cover unexpected labor cost associated with a repair.

A contractor’s labor costs can vary from $75 to $150 an hour, on average, in North America. So while your part may be covered, a consumer can always expect to pay out-of-pocket cost for labor associated with repairs. Investing in a labor coverage plan can help you avoid unexpected costs during this time. And considering the average cost of a system repair, the cost of a labor protection plan can pay for itself in a single repair.

Ask your dealer about a labor warranty. Not every Frigidaire dealer offers Contractors’ Preferred Protection Plan coverage. To determine which dealers do, look for the shield icon on the dealer locator.