MB7VM | Air Handler with Variable Speed

Product ID: MB7VM
System Value
System Fuel

Energy Efficient

One of our efficient HVAC offerings. High-efficiency equipment can help you reduce utility bill spending.

Enhanced Home Comfort

Variable-speed motor technology provides a better mix of air, reduces hot and cold spots, and increases overall home comfort.

Quiet Operation

Includes features that help lessen noise associated with operation.

Are you looking for an energy-efficient, customizable air handling solution? The MB7VM offers energy-efficiency, variable-speed operation and can be customized to fit smaller spaces. This modular air handler can be matched with one of our exceptional C7 coils and efficient air conditioners or heat pumps for complete home comfort. The variable-speed operation of this model provides a better mix of air throughout your home – increasing home comfort. And, the unit is fully insulated. Variable-speed operation and full insulation together make for one quiet air handler.

Warranty Information

  • When installed with a matched outdoor unit, this product offers a 10-year parts warranty.
  • Product registration required