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As a Frigidaire HVAC contractor, you have access to the Total Package and cutting-edge programs designed to meet you where you are to help you grow your business. Becoming a Frigidaire contractor grants you access to unmatched products and unparalleled service that boost your bottom line and keep your homeowners happy.

The Frigidaire Comfort Partner Program is designed to match your unique needs to help you grow your business. This program offers enrolled HVAC contractors resources with the tools and knowledge to thrive in the industry and exceed customer expectations.

Ready to join our exclusive network of successful HVAC companies? Become a Frigidaire contractor today and unlock the full potential of your business.

Heat Up Your Profits With the Comfort Partner Program

As your partner in growth, we’ll help you get ahead of the competition. Our three tiers – Essentials, Growth, and Accelerator – help contractors grow their brand and retain homeowner loyalty. Here’s what you can expect:

Whether you’re a new HVAC contractor or an established operation, the Comfort Partner Program by Frigidaire helps you save time and money while driving sales and growth. Take advantage of the benefits we offer – join our community of elite contractors through the Comfort Partner Program. Kickstart your journey to business growth and superior customer satisfaction today.

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Why HVAC Contractors Should Choose Frigidaire

Choosing Frigidaire for your HVAC needs means embracing The Total Package™. Our commitment to excellence is evident, from cutting-edge features to meticulous manufacturing with Demand Flow Technology. The Total Package™ promises sophistication, durability, and energy efficiency. It simplifies the selling process for distributors and contractors with clear series naming and highlights design and engineering features.

Easy To Install

Our systems’ all-aluminum coils reduce split weight by 50%, easing physical strain and simplifying installation for users. Complementing this weight-saving advantage, furnace-side return knockouts are strategically integrated to facilitate easier duct installation. These thoughtful design features collectively enhance the system’s user-friendliness and practicality.

Easy To Service

Our systems have removable split side panels to simplify cleaning and servicing tasks. Easily detachable panels offer convenient access for routine maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free experience addressing service needs. The face-out furnace circuit board mounting improves accessibility, enabling users to troubleshoot and make repairs easily. The user-centric design ensures quick and uncomplicated maintenance, contributing to the system’s overall ease of management.

Easy To Trust

Frigidaire HVAC’s 10-year Comfort Promise warranty* demonstrates our commitment to delivering a decade of consistent, reliable, and superior HVAC system performance for homeowners. This extended warranty period reflects confidence in product quality and ensures Frigidaire HVAC products are ones on which you can stake your reputation.

Frigidaire HVAC is more than HVAC; it’s the Total Package. So why wait? Get to know our HVAC products today and experience the difference that comes with the Total Package™.

Elevate Your HVAC Business with Frigidaire

As a Frigidaire HVAC contractor, you’re not just choosing a brand but joining an exclusive network that prioritizes your success. With access to The Total Package™ and resources like the Comfort Partner Program, we empower you to grow your business and exceed customer expectations. Our commitment to quality, comfort, and appeal is unparalleled, ensuring homeowner satisfaction and boosting your bottom line. 

Join our community of elite contractors, kickstart your journey to business growth, and experience the transformative power of The Total Package™ with Frigidaire HVAC. Ready to elevate your HVAC business?

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