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The Total Package™ by Frigidaire HVAC

Homeowners today demand unparalleled comfort and won’t settle for anything less. As a contractor, you must meet their every need with HVAC products that deliver the perfect climate year-round.

That’s where the Total Package™ by Frigidaire HVAC comes in. Our HVAC package for contractors introduces cutting-edge technology and reliable performance to enhance any indoor environment.

As the preferred choice by contractors, distributors, and industry professionals alike, The Total Package™ keeps consumers happy and comfortable. Browse our product line and start selling excellence today.

Why The Total Package™ Is the Trusted HVAC Package for Contractors

The Total Package™ resonates with homeowners thanks to its seamless blend of comfort, quality, and appeal. But, it’s up to distributors and contractors to provide access to our leading HVAC solution. Enjoy the following benefits:

Easier To Install

Frigidaire HVAC systems streamline your HVAC setup for quick and hassle-free comfort. Our split systems feature all-aluminum coils, reducing weight by 50%. Furnaces include side return knockouts for simple duct installation for contractors

Easier To Service

We design every product with technicians in mind. Removable jacket panels on split systems and QR codes that link to technical literature on all units make servicing a unit easier for contractors.

Easier To Trust

Our products are backed by our exceptional warranty. This includes a 10-year limited parts warranty, a 10-year Quality Pledge, a limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty, and a 90-day product assurance commitment.* Trust us to deliver reliability and confidence in every installation.

* Product Registration required

Contractor Marketing Program

Our commitment to contractors extends beyond our leading products. Boost your business with proven marketing initiatives and get a dedicated partner invested in your success. See how Frigidaire HVAC’s Contractor Marketing Program can strengthen your bottom line and grow your customer base.

Provide Comfort Beyond Compare with Our HVAC Package for Contractors

Give your customers the ability to say goodbye to discomfort, temperature variations, and high energy bills. The Total Package™ delivers unmatched comfort, quality, and appeal, enabling your clients to breathe easier.

The Total Package™ is an obvious contractor choice with straightforward installation and effortless maintenance. Partnering with Frigidaire HVAC ensures your customers receive the value they deserve.

Ready to embrace the future of home comfort? Embark on your journey with Fridigaire’s HVAC package for contractors today. Your customers and bottom line will be glad you did.

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