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Experience Total Comfort With the Total Package™ by Frigidaire HVAC

Tired of ever-rising energy bills and unreliable temperatures from an outdated HVAC system? Outstanding home comfort, quality, and performance are possible through The Total Package™ by Frigidaire HVAC.

Available in both of our industry-leading product series, our HVAC package for homeowners enhances your home’s climate like never before. With Frigidaire HVAC, taking a breath of fresh air isn’t just a figure of speech – it’s a lifestyle upgrade at your fingertips!

As the top choice for homeowners, distributors, and contractors, the Total Package™ lets you breathe easy. Don’t settle for less – invest in the best. Explore our range of products to get started.

Total Comfort, Quality, & Appeal

Frigidaire HVAC is dedicated to your satisfaction; that’s why we’ve created Total Package. Tailored to the homeowner, this HVAC package ensures total comfort, quality, and appeal in your home.

Frigidaire systems keep homes quiet and comfortable thanks to:

In addition to a 950-hour salt spray test for corrosion resistance, Frigidaire systems include:

Crafted with modern appearance-focused homeowners in mind, Frigidaire HVAC units boast:

Two Performance Series

We’ve simplified product understanding with two performance series that distinguish our lines based on quality, offering options for better and best. Our Essentials and Brilliance product series are thoughtfully designed with the homeowner in mind. 

The Essentials Series

The must-haves without the extra bells and whistles. Enjoy better comfort with single-stage operation and fixed-speed motors for standard efficiency. Get better quality with dependable components – rain or shine, freezing or sweltering. Better appeal enhances your living space with a sleek, modern system you can’t help but brag about.

The Brilliance Series

Everything the Essentials offers, but even better. Multi-stage operation and variable-speed motors ensure high efficiency and top-notch performance. Reliable components and leading comfort technology create the perfect indoor air solution. Plus, noise reduction, a minimalist style, and seamless integration into any home’s appearance make the Brilliance series brilliant.

Breathe Easier With the Total Package™

Say goodbye to stuffy rooms, inconsistent temperatures, and outrageous energy bills. The Total Package™ by Frigidaire HVAC is a comprehensive solution that elevates your home’s comfort. 

In today’s world, indoor air quality directly influences our health and well-being. You and your family deserve an HVAC system that delivers a clean, fresh, and pleasant environment for your home. 

Whether you choose the Essentials or Brilliance Series, you will get the performance and value you expect. Our HVAC package’s cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and unbeatable value proposition are a dream come true.

Get Started With TheTotal Package™ Today

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