Choosing a Contractor

The right HVAC technician matters

Take the time to find the right heating and air conditioning contractor now, or you may face costly repairs in the future.

We can’t stress enough how important installation is when it comes down to the continued quality of your heating or air conditioning system. Most installation errors can be prevented by taking the time to select a qualified contractor. Not only will they be able to install and service your equipment, but they will be able to recommend the right home heating or cooling system for homes in your area. When it comes to making a home comfort appliance purchase, a new HVAC system will be the most expensive – make sure you get what you pay for. Here are some simple tips and tricks to keep in mind when searching for a heating and cooling professional:

Check to see if they are NATE certified

If you are hesitant to trust word-of-mouth recommendations, you can also check to see if they are NATE certified. A NATE certified technician must maintain a reputation for quality service and installation. These are the contractors that use best practices when installing and maintaining your air conditioner, furnace or heat pump. NATE qualified contractors must pass a number of certification tests to make sure they are up-to-date on the latest and greatest equipment. If you go with a Frigidaire contracting company or individual Frigidaire contractor that is NATE certified, you can expect exceptional service.

Ask the right question

Since heating and cooling equipment purchases are so infrequent, you are going to need help during the selection and buying process. There are many things to consider when making a purchase (like efficiency, size, indoor air quality features, system type, etc.). Each of these features can affect overall performance and your indoor air quality. If you don’t speak up and ask your contractor about the options available to you, your contractor may assume that you aren’t looking for a system that has additional features that can help you lower utility costs, save energy or correct uneven temperatures throughout your home.

Choose contractor quality over price

Yes, heating and air conditioning systems are very expensive and the costs of labor don’t help with those numbers. However, you are going to feel a big drain on your wallet in the long run if you are stuck footing the bill for costly repairs, or even a replacement, in the not-so-distant future. Kiss any of the original savings you may have enjoyed goodbye. Get several quotes from different heating and cooling professionals before you select the one that is right for your home. Who’s to say that the person that is offering the highest quote is the best? But, you won’t know unless you take all of the other factors into account. In general, a contractor who has to charge more for their services may have to do so because they keep up on the latest training and are taxed with the costs that come along with running a quality business. The contractor who offers the lower price may cut corners in order to offer that lower price.

Ask for all transactions in writing

As a rule, don’t get quotes over the phone, don’t enter into oral agreements, make sure you get proof of your unit’s registration, and more. If something were to go wrong during your system’s life, it is important that you have the documentation to use as a reference so you know where the problem may have started. This is particularly important when it comes to warranty registration. All Frigidaire equipment comes with 10 years of warranty coverage for parts if, and only if, the unit has been registered. Getting proof of registration in writing is a good way to make sure that the unit was actually registered.

Get recommendations and ask for references

The best place to start is by word-of-mouth recommendations. Your friends and neighbors are going to be able to recommend a good contractor in your area based on their personal experiences with that contractor. Just remember, not all contractors are trained to install all HVAC equipment brands. The contractor your neighbor used may be great at installing one brand, but may not be familiar with Frigidaire. If you are looking to have a specific brand installed, and you don’t know anyone who has had that equipment installed, ask the contractor you are thinking of hiring for a list of references. If the contractor is confident in their past performance, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Researching contractors online can lead you down the right path

Like word-of-mouth recommendations and references from friends and neighbors, online homeowner reviews can be very useful during the contractor search. There are contractor review sites that can relay the experience of other homeowners with the contractor you are interested in and let you know whether it was a positive or negative experience. For Frigidaire, you can check out the dealer locator and find out if the contractor near you offers financing options, labor warranties, and is trained to install the equipment you want. Ultimately, you want to make sure that your contractor has a high-quality reputation for good service and installation practices.

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