Evaporator Coils

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What is a coil?

Coils perform the necessary heat transfer functions that help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter (if you have a heat pump). Frigidaire HVAC offers both copper alloy fin-and-tube coils and all-aluminum Micro-Channel coils.

What is Micro-Channel coil technology?

At Frigidaire HVAC, we use innovative, Micro-Channel coil technology that helps keeps our units smaller and lighter. Smaller, lighter units can help save your contractor time on the job. Add in the fact that these coils use less refrigerant and you may end up saving money. Frigidaire HVAC features Micro-Channel evaporator and condenser coils in split-system models starting at 13 SEER and going all the way up to 20 SEER. In fact, our air conditioners are 100% Micro-Channel – both indoor and outdoor.

Frigidaire HVAC Evaporator Coils

Frigidaire HVAC offers a wide range of coils that can fit any split-system air conditioner or heat pump installation. The evaporator coil completes your central cooling system and either resides in your air handler or sits on top of your furnace.

We offer the following coil models:

  • C7BAMO
  • C7BHMX
  • C7BHM0
  • C6BH-X

Your air conditioner or heat pump is going to require a specific coil. This will be determined by your contractor.