Essentials Series

Up to 95% AFUE* Furnaces

If you are looking for a reliable gas furnace for your family’s winter heating needs, the Essentials series gas furnace line is here to help. These gas furnaces offer what you need to achieve Total Comfort, Quality, and Appeal when the temperatures drop, and you want to stay cozy indoors.

  • Blower-on and blower-off delays
  • Insulated blower cabinet
  • iSEER technology
  • Pressure switch
  • Flame sensor
  • Main air limit monitors
  • Silicone-nitride hot surface igniter
  • Stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger
  • Aluminized steel primary
  • SmartLite technology
  • Units 100% fired and tested
  • Low NOx version available
  • Comfort Promise warranty
  • Galvanized steel jacket
  • Rounded exterior corners
  • Two-tone paint scheme
  • Powder-coated cabinets


10-year limited parts
10-year Quality Pledge
Limited Lifetime Heat Exchanger

General Product Information:

Product Category

Gas Furnace

Product Tier


Model Numbers

FG7SA | FG7SK – 80% AFUE

FG8SA – 80% AFUE

FG7SC – Up to 92%

FG8SD – Up to 95%

FG7SD – Up to 95%


Up to 95% AFUE

25C Tax Credit Eligible



10-year limited parts

10-year Quality Pledge

Limited lifetime heat exchanger

* See models for specific efficiency ratings
† Registration with a match system required

The Essentials gas furnace line comes with features such as blower on and off delays, an insulated blower cabinet, and iSEER technology, ensuring efficient, quiet, and comfortable heating.

With features like a silicone-nitride hot surface igniter and SmartLite ignition technology, an Essentials series gas furnace is built to last.

Your gas furnace should look good inside your home. Each Essentials gas furnace is built with a two-tone, powder-painted, galvanized steel exterior with rounded edges, enhancing safety and attractiveness.