Brilliance Series

Up to 97% AFUE* Furnaces
Furnace Brilliance

Embrace Total Comfort, Quality and Appeal with a gas furnace from the Brilliance line. These next-level models offer the Total Package by taking what you love about the Essentials series and adding additional elements that elevate comfort to new heights.

  • Variable-speed blower options
  • Blower-on and blower-off delays
  • Insulated blower cabinet
  • iSEER technology
  • Pressure switch
  • Flame sensor
  • Main air limit monitors
  • Silicone-nitride hot surface igniter
  • Stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger
  • Aluminized steel primary
  • SmartLite technology
  • Units 100% fired and tested 
  • Comfort Promise warranty
  • Galvanized steel jacket
  • Rounded exterior corners
  • Two-tone paint scheme
  • Powder-coated cabinets


10-year limited parts
10-year Quality Pledge
Limited lifetime heat exchanger

General Product Information:

Product Category

Gas Furnace

Product Tier


Model Numbers


FG7TC-VS, Up to 95% AFUE

FG7TE, Up to 96% AFUE

FG7TE-VS, Up to 97% AFUE

FG7TN-VS, Up to 96% AFUE


Up to 97% AFUE

25C Tax Credit Eligible



10-year limited parts

10-year Quality Pledge

Limited lifetime heat exchanger

* See models for specific efficiency ratings
† Registration with a match system required

Features like variable-speed blowers plus blower on and off delays, and an insulated blower cabinet keep your home quiet while maintaining even temperatures.

Technology, like SmartLite ignition, results in long-lasting performance backed by complete product testing and our 10-year Comfort Promise warranty†.

Our Brilliance series gas furnaces feature durable, powder-painted galvanized steel exteriors with rounded corners for peak appeal and safety.